Meeting the People of Phoenix from afar

With a mix of browsing the interwebs and procrastinating homework and the things on my “To Do” list, I came across a website dedicated to the dreams of the people of Phoenix, Arizona. With an opening quote by Henry David Thoreau stating “Dreams are the touchstones of our character,” the workings of Streets of Dreams: People & Places of Downtown Phoenix allows the people of Phoenix to show and share their truest dreams.

 I like the basis of this site, as it incorporates interviews with the unique people of Phoenix, as well as audio, video, photographs, and text. It allows the people to be in their comfort zone of an element and show their identities in the most real way possible. The team behind this site has both formal interviews with the “dreamer” and footage of the people in their actual “element”.

The concept of this site is a great idea. Everyone has dreams. And while some people get to fulfill their dreams easily, others have to take more time and effort to achieve their dreams. Streets of Dreams is an interactive, interesting site that ranges from a hotdog vendor to an antique shop owner to an artist and a student. The site is easy to view and maneuver through to learn about the people of Phoenix.

Though probably not a site that is visited regularly, as I’m not sure if it is updated and filled with new content on a regular basis, to see and hear other people from a place I personally have never been to share their dreams and the interworking of themselves is an interesting way to get to know a place and the people that walk its streets. 


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