The Wonderful Web Browsings of Wilson

As this semester has progressed, I have provided you all (oh my fellow followers) with some valuable insight on ways to write for online and how to format your work and brand in order to get yourself and all of your work noticed. But, you may be asking yourself “WWWD?!” “What would Wilson do? What would he be looking at on the internet when he should be writing his paper or latest class blog post. Well, here are a few sites that I turn to when I am online.

  • A fellow multiplatform Journalist/experienced blogger

The first site I’m going to give you is called The Works of Drew Tewksbury, a multimedia journalist who has actually named his domain after himself. Drew constantly updates his site with reviews and up to date content of movies, music, books, and television shows. What I like about his site is that he gives you the content you want to know like “What is that song from that movie when they are in that one scene?” Well Drew writes about it! His homepage is easy to navigate and he even has Sound Cloud up on his website to allow music to play while you are searching his home page. He is a great writer that gives you raw and edgy new content about things you actually care about, especially if you are interested in different mediums.

  • News that doesn’t always make top of the list

When I’m looking for the latest information about what is going on around the world, say in recent events such as the Boston tragedy, one of the places I go to for more feature based stories that actually have an interesting approach is Poynter. Poynter is an online newsroom and journalism institute from the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg campus that is dedicated to “teaching and inspiring journalists and media leaders”, as it says in its mission statement. Their home page has links to their latest stories, ways to sign up for their online webinars and seminars, and some of their top blogs that they support. Poynter is a great source of reliable and credible information that allows you to read and obtain breaking news from a website that most don’t visit or know exist.

  • My ultimate haven for online information and news

So when I am in full swing procrastination using the internet, I always find myself on Runner’s World getting tips and reviews on training plans, nutrition, the latest shoes and gadgets, race reviews, and, most recently, information and ways of dealing with the running world tragedy in Boston. Runner’s World is not just an online website, but also a magazine that has countless avid subscribers and readers. It has its feature stories at the top, with editorials and columns by a variety of top, noteworthy running icons, and other things that are easy to find AND things you want to find. Not to mention, the best part about Runner’s World, is that every writer on the site/magazine…is ACTUALLY a runner. You don’t know how helpful and truthful this helps make a lot of the things you do online more worthwhile.


Read on my fellow followers, and don’t be afraid to have your own unique and different way of spending your time online. Not everyone can read the latest gossip website, some people need to be nerds/freaks in their own specialty. 


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