Someone else’s story, personal pride

“Because I didn’t have that 9 digit number…I couldn’t do that. My name is Cesar and I’m undocumented.” See Cesar’s story here.

The story of Cesar, an undocumented student living in New York, is one that that has all of the right things to show a great example of visual storytelling. It has a compelling story that makes you think twice about illegal or “undocumented” immigrants. It has a sense of reality that shows that these people are just like you and I, and just want to help our families and our communities to be better. And that is just the story part of this video….

This video is such a well done example of visual storytelling because it starts off not knowing what your subject or the purpose is. It shows a regular kid doing regular things, but then you find out his situation and what his background is. This does a great job of showing the structure of the video, as it ends with him standing up for what he believes in and attending protests and rallies to help pass The Dream Act.

Everything that Cesar says in this story done about him is represented in the video, which I think Is a very good way to show the realness of what his story is. It Is great journalism, and even better video storytelling.

Cesar’s story is an interesting one because at first glance and hearing his voice, you would have no idea that he is an undocumented immigrant. How many of these people are living in fear, unable to live a normal life because they do not have that nine digit number that enables them to get a license or a job, or in Cesar’s case a volunteer position? It makes you be thankful for the things you have, the citizenship you have, and the freedoms that come with being an American. ‘Merica!