How to build YOUr online writing Skillz

My top 5 online writing tips

1.   Make your writing clear and to the point with adequate spacing.

Readers don’t have the time to read every word you write. It is a scientific fact. And, when you are writing use multiple paragraphs. This isn’t a scholarly journal or a research paper, it is an online post. Readers are coming here for content or a story. Give them what they want with the ability to do so quickly.


2.   Add images and photos

People love to see and share pictures. You may as well give them something to look at while they are reading. And, photos will help break up your content and story. It is a visually appealing filler.


3.   Be descriptive and avoid pronouns.

Every writer wants to be discovered. Allow yourself to be by using descriptor words and nouns rather than “he/she/it-s”. Your reader(s) and your potential reader(s) will be able to find you and your content more easily.


4.   Make your reader(s) feel comfortable.

Speak in a language that allows readers to feel like they are welcomed to your blog or online post. If they are spending their time reading it, you should make them feel like they are free to express their views and are not offended by anything that you say.


5.   Don’t be afraid to be unique!

You are the only person that can write like you. Don’t aspire to write like someone else, but make your own content and build your brand accordingly. People will respect you and be more impressed later on when they can say “Hey, that person really started…”